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Pixo™ Classic

Anonymous digital currency

Anonymous digital/virtual currency based on cryptography. A digital asset that is decentralized with permissionless peer-to-peer networking. Based on proof-of-work with open financial history on the PIXO Classic blockchain. 162,000,000 supply.

PIXO Classic is a new project.  The latest development is in an ongoing growth stage. New things are unfolding and PIXO Classic is emerging.

Anonymous digital wallet. Send, recive, and store your PIXO Classic. 

Block Reward: 6.00, Block Time: 600 seconds



Pixo Classic

Pixo Classic likely launch 2018.

1 June 2018

Pixo Cash Launch for Pixo Classic

The new coin will be Pixo Cash.

19 march 2018

Pixo Classic Hack

Pixo Classic was under attack. The coin stopped on two different dates, Fri Mar 23 2018 and Mon Mar 19 2018. Pixo Classic was not able to recover from this attack. The attacker used large hashing power and this power took over the chain. The assailant moved funds continuously from one address to another and from one wallet to another. The chain was damaged. The orphans in the earlier sections of the chain showed the attack was planned. The damaged was done over a period of approximately 6 months. The task of finding a good portion of the chain was very hard. The coin could not return to a normal state and Pixo Classic had to be forked.
The new coin will have all the necessary updates to prevent this attack from happening again.

1 March 2018

Pixo Classic Launch

During beta testing the coin was hacked.

February 2018

Integrity testing and Block Explorer

Pixo Coin was changed to Pixo Classic.  The coin went through an update.  The Iquidus explorer was installed as the explorer.

January 2018

Pixo Windows Wallet

Pixo Classic Windows wallet.

November 2017

Pixo Block Explorer

Pixo Coin block explorer.

 October 2017

Pixo First Block, Mining Pool, Linux Wallet, and BlockChain Explorer

The first block of Pixo Coin was mined.  The mining pool,  Linux wallet, and blockchain explorer were installed. 

September 2017

Github Pixo Coin

All the file changes committed by founder to the repository. 

May 2017

Pixo Coin Project

Pixo Coin was founded.

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